Ancient knowledge for new strength and serenity in today.

Weekend Retreat: Fit for Change?!

By and with Dr. Gerlinde Manz-Christ

Do you sometimes ask yourself • “How do I personally deal with increasing digitalization?” • “How can I hold my own in times of increasingly rapid change and at the same time stay healthy and fit?” Do you wish

  • Finally, time for yourself to organize your thoughts and get clarity about the next steps in your everyday life?
  • Balance for your life and work?
  • A time-out from everyday life, a reset button for a carefree new start?
  • Clarity for an important decision regarding your life and career planning?

If you answer only one of these questions with ‘yes’, then come with us into the mountains and into nature. Together we will make sure, that you can find peace in the midst of nature, recharge your batteries and take a deep breath. You will find clarity for good decisions, as well as the inner attitude and composure to master your challenges and to proactively shape your own future. You will learn powerful methods and tools that you can immediately implement in everyday life.

Primitive peoples, whether in the European Alps or in North America, who have always had to survive under harsh conditions, have always drawn from nature as a source of strength and inspiration. Use this secret knowledge for your own personal path and goals. With this ancient knowledge you will find more balance to live joy, clarity and inner strength in every phase of life.

This weekend retreat will support you and help you to

  • gain deep relaxation and serenity through a truly intense encounter with nature on all sensory levels
  • take time for yourself to organize your thoughts, find clarity and thus make powerful decisions
  • find inspiration and impulses to further develop your personal issues
  • come back to the ground through grounding

We will spend a lot of time outdoors in beautiful mountain scenery, go on short hikes, recharge our batteries at places of power, get to know the knowledge of primitive people.

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Dates 2021
Spring 13-16.5.
Autumn 7-10.10.

from € 730 per person

The price includes costs for accommodation, meals & visitor’s tax and course costs for the course instructor, a handout to take home.

€ 340 for travelling partners, who do not participate in the course