About us and our idea of a good vacation.

A look into the family album shows: Being a host has a very long family tradition. But the same album also shows: Our Tanafreida was also a normal mountain farm for a very long time.

But the same album also shows: Our Tanafreida was also a normal mountain farm for a very long time.

Since 2012 …

… we, Alexandra and Steffen, run the Tanafreida with great pleasure. With our two children, we live ourselves up here very close. Alexandra grew up in this place and after her tourism education she cooked for the house guests together with her mother for many years. At that time it was a classic pension on half board.

We are both in the second half of life, have already some personal maturity step behind us. So we now know quite well how to live a fulfilled and satisfied life: Pausing, entering into a relationship, trying things out, perceiving with all our senses, experiencing nature and tranquility … And yes: It is also in this spirit that we imagine a good vacation today.

We are very grateful that Alexandra’s ancestors gave us this unique place. Because the house and the area hold many things to make our idea of a good vacation for our guests to experience. Since autumn 2019 we have been working on this concept. In autumn 2020 we have rebuilt a few things in the house and the area in a first step and developed new services. And from summer 21 on, we live this new concept of the “mountain refuge”.

Your ideas?

Just as you are constantly growing as an open-minded person, we also want to continue to develop Tanafreida as a mountain retreat.

To this purpose, we invite all our guests and interested parties to share their ideas about a good holiday with us. You are welcome to do so in person during your holiday with us. Or send us an email right here.


Our vision Come to rest

In the mountains we are the best place for guests who simply want to come to rest – through nature, silence and deceleration.

We facilitate this through thoughtfully designed spaces, attentive care and soothing experiences

Our values and our promise to you


Discover a vast area in the sunniest place in the valley, quietly situated, high above the village and right on the edge of the forest. In our small guesthouse you will stay in spacious apartments with the best sound insulation. We tell you honestly what works and what doesn’t.


We are hosts from the heart and love our profession. Alexandra’s family has been rooted in Tanafreida for generations. Steffen, raised in Germany, has been associated with (Alexandra and) the house for over 10 years.

We treat our guests with respect. But we also expect respect and consideration towards the other guests. And towards ourselves.


We pursue our vision for Tanafreida “To come to rest” with strength and tenacity, but without hectic and self-exploitation. We and our partners work ecologically and qualitatively to the highest standards, whether breakfast service or experience offer. We respond quickly to your requests.