Discover the quiet Montafon.

“Källa, Berg, Bündt, Steig, Grüaß Di, Wald, Bätschla, Weg, Pfufa, Lichtung, Frööd, Alpe, Hoi, Bach, Bänkle, Breand …” Explore the quiet and calming sides of the Montafon.

There is the Instagram Montafon with great, modern ski resorts and action offers for summer and winter. Others make sure you don’t get bored.

And there is our Montafon: places and paths that we and many of our guests love, mostly away from the hustle and bustle. Places where only what your senses perceive and your imagination writes the stories behind is going on. Here we share only a small taste. More we reveal to our guests only personally – so that the quiet and special spots in our valley remain quiet in the future.

Our personal highlights in the Montafon

Rellseck: Panorama without drama

The Rellseck is beautiful in summer and winter. But if you’re looking for peace and quiet, it’s best to hike to this great vantage point on snowshoes in winter. Like we did the other day.

Valschaviel: quiet valley and movie star

We love it, because the Valschaviel is the contrast to the hustle and bustle on the opposite side of the Montafon valley. Climbing up to 2,000 meters, this 10 km long valley has already been a movie set.

To Schoderhüsli: meadows, waterfall & far view

Our personal “home trail”, right from Tanafreida, is of course also a highlight. It leads you past our flower meadow, which has been awarded for its biodiversity, to a real power spot with a waterfall, to a fine maize field and to the fairytale-like Schoderhüsli.


Selected leisure partners

High up with Edwin

Whether ski touring or summiting, climbing or canyoning: Edwin Düngler is our favorite mountain guide in the valley. Whoever is interested, just tell us.

Take off with Markus

Markus has completed over 5,000 flights in the last 24 years. The state-certified tandem pilot grew up in our village. He knows all the mountains in the valley inside out. He will gladly take you along, whether you are 8 or 88.