The joy is great when you reach the top.

Sunny Sunday in Valschaviel

On a crisp ascent to the peaceful valley

“When was the last time you were actually in the Valschaviel valley?” My longtime friend Gerda had visited me on a beautiful Sunday in October. It was supposed to be a joint tour with our mountain bikes. “Hmmm … Valschaviel? That must have been a few years ago. Good idea! Only one thing, dear Gerda: You can save the valley with Valschaviel. The name is Rhaeto-Romanic and val means valley and the whole name means valley of the yokes”. Gerda smiled: “Ok, you know-it-all”.

Easy warm-up cycling to Gaschurn

We cycled directly from Tanafreida. The just over 5 kilometers on a nice and almost flat single trail to Gaschurn is the perfect warm-up pedaling. (Ok, on the way back the last piece up to us is then already a biting thing. But you can also push comfortably … ).

The first section in the valley is quite demanding: it goes crisply uphill.

Soon it is time for the snack

Crunchy gravel path to the Maisäß

In Valschaviel, which branches off to the left at Gaschurn, we continue on a wide gravel path. The tour becomes from here to the Maisäß a rather crispy affair with constant gradient. But the views and insights that await you up there, are worth every effort. Oh yes, if you cycle past the village of Valschaviel halfway down the valley and have a deja vue experience, don’t be surprised. German movie director Josef Vilsmaier used this lovely village as the backdrop for his 2004 film Bergkristall.

Pack a snack

Passing the Maisäß, we fought our way up the now somewhat flatter trail for another good 150 meters in elevation to the little “Kapelli”. There Gerda and I unpacked our snack and enjoyed the incredible peace and the fabulous autumn colors in this beautiful spot of Montafon. Oh yes, it is so peaceful up here, because there are no hosted huts far and wide. So if you want to explore the valley as well, bring a little snack too.

On the way back we passed the beautiful, shady guest garden of the “Mühle Heurigen” in Gaschurn. And because both of us were already feeling a little hungry again, we stopped by. That also was a great idea, because here you can get heavenly Heurigen delicacies! Our tip: Try the beetle beans with Styrian kernel oil and rye bread. Or the apple strudel. Or …

We will gladly tell you the exact details of this tour during your vacation with us.


Duration: approx. 5 h

Take snack with you. No refreshments on the route