The sunny place, high above the valley.
Where the forest begins.
Come up to come down

Find peace within you.

Stand a little above the things of everyday life

Our brilliant view, so far up above the valley, almost automatically puts you at a healthy distance from your usual thoughts. We think that’s a good start for peace and tranquility.

Where nights may still be dark.

Many accommodations and hotels set the scene with festive lighting. We set the scene for nights in nature under the stars, by reducing outdoor lighting. Because we know how grounding it is when you experience yourself as part of the universe.

Experience the sounds of nature.

Our area is off the beaten track and you can hear that too. Depending on the season, the acoustic backdrop for your vacation is characterized by chirping crickets, the wind whizzing through the grass and the forest, or the snow-capped silence in winter.

Pausing at special places.

Here a bench, there a deck chair and over there a small patch of mown meadow, just big enough for your picnic blanket. On our area you will find many spots that invite you to slow down: to read a book, to let your thoughts wander, to enjoy the view, to have a conversation …

Enjoy vacation without your car

Of course: having your own car is practical on holiday. But it’s not necessary here: we’ll be happy to pick you up at the train station free of charge, and you can also get anywhere in the valley by public transport and shared taxi. You can buy food at our organic grocery store or we do the food shopping for you. And because it’s good for the environment, we give a 5% public transport discount on the flat price.

Be fascinated by our chicken

Our century-old coop is now home to 10 chicken, 1 rooster and 2 pairs of ducks. We have placed a bench over there, as we find that watching these very social and intelligent feathered creatures is very meditative. And often it is really funny.


New in low seasons:
Mountain, bath and fondue bonus
Autumn: book 6, stay 7