Blenischau and Schoderhüsli: The highlight away from home

Awarded meadows, powerful places and fabulous cottages

Relaxed half-day tour

We have probably hiked our “house circuit” a hundred times. And we enjoy it every time anew. So: Leave the car and walk comfortably from the mountain refuge to the left of the road up past our wonderful flower meadows. These even have an award from the state of Vorarlberg for their biodiversity.

Steep is the rise on the way. That can already be exhausting. Rejoice: The curved wooden bench by the large stone is just the thing to rest on. From here you can see Vallüla, Gweilspitze and Rütihara.

Good footwear required

The steep ascent of the Zamangweg is now almost over. At the barrier you turn right. We hope you have good shoes, because you will need them for the rest of the way! It is a bit narrow and stony.

But soon the first reward follows! The beautiful waterfall with small pools is for us a real power place, where we like to linger longer. Whether alone, with dog and or children! Here all of us have fun.

The beautiful waterfall is only a good 30 minutes away from Tanafreida.

Whether winter or summer: we also enjoy the view from up here.

Blenischau: Fountain water at its best

Enough rest. Now we continue through a narrow forest path to the”Maißäs Blenischau”. Thirsty? Tip: Try the water that bubbles out of the well up here. We haven’t found such mineral-rich, clear, flavorful water anywhere else.

The hill is also a good place for a snack. I hope you remembered to take something with you. Because there is no guesthouse on this path.

Mushrooms on the way to Schoderhüsli

Continue through the narrow forest path, with the smell of moss, pine cones and rotten wood, always following the trail markings in the direction of Schoderhüsli. Next tip: With a bit of luck, you will find chanterelles and porcini mushrooms to the left and right of this path in summer and autumn and already have dinner in your pocket.

The Schoderhüsli itself is simply a fairytale place for us. Here no one would be surprised if suddenly the witch from Hansel and Gretel would step out of the front door. To the left of the Schoderhüli is a bench with a view into the valley!

Passing the Hüsli on the right, you come back to the paved road in the direction of Tanafreida. We are looking forward to your report. Did you see the witch after all?

Wanderung direkt vom Tanafreida

Dauer: ca. 2 bis 2,5 h

Gutes Schuhwerk notwendig. Und Jause mitnehmen. Keine Einkehrmöglichkeit auf der Strecke